This Date In Royals History–1980 Edition: April 24

Every ballplayer’s favorite: the day off at home. The Royals enjoyed this as they waited for the Baltimore Orioles to arrive in Kansas City for a three-game weekend series. The Royals would be happy to avoid Orioles ace Jim Palmer, but still had to face reigning AL Cy Young winner Mike Flanagan and the man who would win the award after this 1980 season, Steve Stone.

1980 news alert: Eight U.S. servicemen died during a failed operation to rescue the 52 Americans being held hostage in Iran. Operation Eagle Claw was beset by problems including equipment failures and bad weather. The mission had already been aborted when a helicopter and airplane collided, resulting in the deaths of three Marines and five Air Force personnel. President Jimmy Carter, in a televised address to the country, took full responsibility for the failure.

Today’s birthday: Carlos Beltran (1977)

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