About U.L.’s Toothpick

I started blogging about the Royals in 2008 at Tangled Up In (Royal) Blue. That turned into an offer to join the old Pine Tar Press blog, and that is where U.L.’s Toothpick was born. Greg Schaum came up with the name for a category of posts focusing on Royals history (and Greg graciously agreed to let me use the name here). When PTP merged with Royals Authority to form the Baseball Prospectus Kansas City site, I went along and continued to focus on Royals history. BPKC is no more (although the site is still up), so I ventured out on my own.

Of course, the site takes its name from U.L. Washington, who played shortstop for the Royals from 1977-1984 and famously kept a toothpick in his mouth while in the field and at the plate. It was such a part of his identity that many of his baseball cards include a picture of him with a toothpick.

Here you will find biographies of your favorite Royals in the Year Of The Card series, a look back at both the good and the bad times in the Season In Review posts, some alternate histories in the What If… category, a review of past trades in the Talking Trades section, and a small daily dose of history in the This Date In Royals History series. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is a story or idea you’d like to see on here, as well. Thanks for reading!

–Darin Watson